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Stock Trading


Stocks Trading

I have been into stock trading since a year and have made soo many mistakes and a lost a lot of money however I’ve learnt profitable trading the hard way.The main purpose of this section is for you to not make those mistakes and easily lean how to trade and invest by doing the right thing.
So for a start here is some information you would need to learn trading. This section will be constantly updated.

Stock trading tools
Crowdsourcing :
The Advantage: - If you keep looking at this tweeting forum You don’t need any better advice than this. Replies are mostly instant for questions posted on this forum here. Ul make a lot of friends and a lot of enemies too
Trading view :
Basically with a free account you will get many types of charts and u can draw graphs. Mark support and resistance levels look at Moving Averages and do a lot more.
there is also an I-phone App available in the I store now.

Also called as wiki of finance, this site provides you different definitions of different terms and terminology used by traders. A very useful tool for getting yourself.

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Options Trading

Finding Breakout's

Why you dont need a broker

Trading Resource's

Stock Life Cycle

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todays Stock pick

Short signal

Buy signal

Full Technical analysis

Trading techniques