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As a MS SQL-Server Data Base Administrator. I have been associated with many organizations and worked extensively on SQL-Server and related tool's and technologies.Domains I have worked on vary from Transportation, Banking, Biotech, Retail, Health Care to Small Businesses, through which I have gained quite a bit of knowledge.I have Faced many challenege's and found solutions practically. The purpose of this section is to Share Some important Knowledge that DBA's would be looking for.The content in this section may find some solutions to problems DBA's Face Everyday.I have taken the help of SQL-Server community and I feel that its time to give back to the community whatever I could.All that which is being posted here is what I keep using mostly and have come in handy at critical situations for me. Please feel free to navigave through and use and learn these.

This Section will be Updated Frequently as soon as i come accross different scenario's. and challenges


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