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Landscape Photography :The world is a beautiful place.Taking pictures of the vast landscapes of nature let it be a paddy field, mountains, oceans, rivers,and even roads

How To Landscape: In order to take landscape photo's your normal DSLR kit lens should be suffiecient

Camera Settings:

  1. Metering Mode: Evaluative

  2. Drive Mode: Single shot

  3. Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority

  4. Aperture: f/11 to f/16 depending on the available light

  5. ISO Setting: 100 to 200

  6. Focus Mode: Single Shot

  7. Auto-Focus Point: Single auto-focus point

  8. Focal Length: 24mm to 35mm

  9. Image Stabilization: Enable Image stabilizations either in the lens or in the Camera. or go grab your tripod for the ocassion if the shutter speed dips below 1/30 of a second

Preferred Lens: Apart from your default Kit-lens (18-55mm), some of the best lens available for a higher price int he marketare given below