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Advantages of PHP

When I first started working with google adwords on static HTML pages in 2007, I realized the neccecity for dynamically designable webpages and started my hunt to adopt a server run webtechnology and found that PHP SUits my needs the best.

Here is why PHP is more advantageous compared to others

1. Open Source.

one of the best Open Source web programming technogies out there is PHP. Its very simple to start learning by installing it as a web server on your local machine in ten minutes (depends on the speed of your computer) and You are ready to start developing.
all you need to download is

a) xampp
b) wampp
c) Lamp

2. Encryption Friendly.

Currently there are somany limitations and restrictions over ENCRYPTION with other web development technologies and the full potential of encryption could not be utilized in soo many currently existing technologies. However PHP breaks all those barriers down.

3. Scalability.

The best way to describe PHP's scalability is that its being used by Facebook.More than 2 billion users are being supported by various techniques and methods used by facebook with PHP.

4. Excellent Documentation.

there are a ton of resources which are found on the internet from PHP main Site to soo many PHP support sites.There are so many books readily available for PHP Development purposes.

5. Easy CMS Integration.

PHP can be easily integrated with soo many Content Management Systems like Drupal, Expression Engine and Wordpress

6. Cross-Platform.

Let us take the Example of Facebook again Facebook Uses Linux and Apache.and adopts many other technologies for smooth and faster running experience. Over all these technologies sits PHP.At The same time PHP can sit on Windows too please follow ths link for more documentation. PHP is now fully supported by windows server.

7. Support.

PHP developers, PHP contributors, PHP users, PHP-Websites, Tutorials,Documentation,Forums,Teams,Online Liabriaries with Multilingual Support can be found over the World Wide Web.what more support would be needed.

8. Cost Effective.

If you want to Buy Microsoft based or other Oracle based technologies for your website development They come with a prce tag. however PHP is free and open source.

9. Embedding:

On a php enabled server we can

  • include a php callscript to another php page running on a PHP page.
  • or
  • Include a php call script to another PHP page running on a HTML page.

  • This feature of the PHP makes it very flexible for Web Development purposes.
    as changes over a million page website can be done in a few secs.

    10. Stability.

    Once on the server PHP code runs almost with zero stability related issues hence yu do not need to change the code frequently over different servers.

    11. Flexibility.

    when there is need for upgrading the same old code can be taken out of a old rusty server and without major changes it can be dumped on a new server and 99% of time the code works without a glitch.

    12. Easy Design.

    Its comparitively easy to design a PHP based web Application compared to another run on a java or a .net version.

    Easy deployment: Its Comparitivesly easy to deploy PHP code over a realtime server compared to a .net because of lesser Code to be deloyed.

    13. Speed.

    There is definitely a need for speed when your web application has to be productive. PHP is much faster because of simple design and lesser code to be processed.

    14. Quick to host.

    When you want to create a website and host it in lesser than 30 minutes PHP is the solution.The reason for this is because its preconfigured to work with hosting providers so easily that all u need to do is
    1) buy hosting (30 sec's)
    2)configure Hosting (2 minuts's)
    3) deployment( drag and rop deployment with filezilla ) 3 minutes